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Posting DA Artwork

2010-09-23 16:03:00 by PIKAFAN11

I'll start posting my Deviantart stuff here today. Stay tuned.

Is it just me?....

2010-09-07 13:26:31 by PIKAFAN11

Or is Halo the most overated videogame series ever?


2010-08-13 14:22:14 by PIKAFAN11

No pictures, They wouldn't download and now she's angry with me, for not posting them.

It's true....

2010-08-13 13:57:30 by PIKAFAN11

I have a backup account. It's called, BALLANDCHAIN. Also.....a special someon will see some hot pics. of my mom when he looks on my blog, later today. The rest of you are also welcome to look, seeing as I can't stop you. So have fun. :D



2010-08-09 14:47:09 by PIKAFAN11



2010-07-29 14:24:25 by PIKAFAN11

Aril early, early, early fools on that last post. haha you believed it!

Announcing my band.....

2010-07-29 14:04:39 by PIKAFAN11

Yep. It's not well known but since last year a few friends of mine have been practicing in our own little band. I'm on the lead vocals, my friend Kaileb on the drums, my bud who i based my fan chracter Shadic off of, Shadic is on The Electric and Base Guitars and i've got special backup for our piano. (when we use it) We've never been heard of and we are called Ocean Spray. Just thought I'd let you guys know. Today is a practice day so we're gonna' be down in my basement doing covers off of, Linkin Park and maybe some Nikelback if we can. Still practicing with the base guitar so for now I'm just doing lead vocals and plan to keep it that way.

Shadow Of Doubt Ep. 1

Shadow of Doubt

It's as if nothing is real anymore...perhaps my entire life was a fickle dream. Or perhaps I am what they say. A monster.
There is a monster in all of us, just waiting to tear itself from the confines of our earthly bodies. Wanting to destroy us and all we hold dear. Now as I sit up on my roof over downtown Mobotroplis I can remember everything. If only I hadn't been so stupid. Stupid enough to carry out that bring my darker side to life...ahh...I remember it so well...

The wind was espicially chilly that night. It whipped past my ears, howling as loud as a jet engine's roar. As if trying to deafen my ears and blind my eyes. Rouge had cheated and I was feeling down. How could she bring herself to chose that blue faker over me? I had seriuosly thought we'd had a connection. But apprently not. I was walking along the outskirts of town that night. Most of the shops were shut down until I saw one. There was a dim light on inside. I looked above the wooden door to see what the shop was, but there was nothing. Shrugging,I carelessly threw the door open and walked inside.

"Anyone in here?" I asked aloud. There was a bump from the back of the shop in response.

"In a moment my boy." "I'll be out soon." answered a raspy, male voice.

I shrugged and decided to take a look around. Apparently the place was some sort magic shop. There were crystal balls and witchcraft pendents on the shelves. I picked up a small black necklace. It was shaped like a dragon. The color of it's skin,
bright red. Almost blood red. The darn thing looked to real. That was when I saw a paper attached to it. I turned it over and read it.

"The Dark Bringer", it read. Intrigued I continued reading.

"Rub this pendent and utter that you wish to bring darkness unto the world." "Utter these words and We shall give you hellish power." "The power to unleash your darkness and take revenge on those you hate."

Pictures of Rouge and Sonic flashed through my mind. I rubbed the pendent...

end pt. 1!

P.S.: I know it's rather short but other chapters will be much longer. If you cannot handle blood, gore, horror, possible sexual reffrences and more than you should stop reading now...-PIKAFAN11

Why hello there..... ;3

2010-07-06 14:57:09 by PIKAFAN11

Sorry I haven't been around lately. I'm rather busy and the weather is making me cranky. It's over 90 here in CNY today. Good thing we're having a water fight today. I must say it's hard to keep up with both this page and my DA. But I'm maneging. I'd like to know how all you guys are doing weather wise. Leave a comment and have a nice day. ^^